Select access categories available in 8MAN

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Select access categories available in 8MAN

8MAN summarizes the access rights combinations available in Microsoft environments. This allows for a simplification of access rights assignment.


8.0 EN selecting access categories 01


Select the access category that you would like to make available in 8MAN.

Selected access categories will then be visible as columns in the 8MAN GUI.


If you would like to clean up the access rights situation on your file server(s) in one fell swoop and manage hundreds or even thousands of folders simultaneously you should consider 8MATE clean!.

For more details on this service please refer to the following section of the 8MAN user manual: Replacing divergent access rights on a file server.

8.0 EN selecting access categories 02


Determine which access categories should be available for which 8MAN-user roles.

You can configure these settings so that the administrator role can manage different access categories than the other 8MAN-user roles.

8.0 EN selecting access categories 03


Determine the abbreviations for the individual access categories. The abbreviations can also be used for the naming convention of 8MAN-groups.


Default abbreviations have the following significance:


fc - full control

md - modify

mx - restricted modify

re - read & execute

r - read

w - write

ld - list directory

ldtf - list directory this folder (only)