Set resources to recertify

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Set resources to recertify

Prior to version 9, recertification was enabled globally for resources that met the following conditions:

Resource is of type file server

Resource has assigned a DataOwner

Resource is set as changeable


Starting with version 9, in the DataOwner configuration, you have to set separately for the file server resources whether they need to be recertified.


8MAN update behavior with existing data owner configuration

All already assigned file server resources require a recertification as before. This can now be deactivated separately for each assignment.


8MAN behavior during initial setup of the data owner configuration

Recertification is disabled by default and must be enabled for each assigned resource.



zu rezertifizierende Ressourcen festlegen


1.The "seal" icon indicates whether recertification is enabled for the resource.

2.Enable / Disable recertification for the selected resource.