Who has access to what?

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Who has access to what?

Background / Value

Data owners and managers know who should have access to which resources. Full transparency is very important especially for directories containing sensitive information. The report "Who has access to what?" gives you a full overview of all access rights (for example "read only" and "write") including users who can execute these access rights.


The report allows responsible managers to make information based decisions in order to answer two central questions:

Who should have access to what? (Increase in data security)

Which access rights should exist? (improvement of data integrity)


Additional Services

Changing directory access rights

Step by step process

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1.Select "Resources".

2.Right-click on a directory that you are responsible for.

3.Click on "Report: Who has access where?" from the context menu.

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1.Name the report and add a comment.

2.The selected resource is automatically included in the list of objects to be analyzed. You can add further resources.

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1.Open "Group Settings".

2.In order to reduce complexity we recommend selecting the user view. All other settings are targeted at expert users.

3.Start the report.

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Verify whether the listed users should have access. You should also check to see if the access rights of some users can not be reduced for example from "full access" to "read & write". This ensures a higher level of data integrity.