Configure web components

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Configure web components

7.5 GrantMA Configurator starten


Open the configuration module.

7.5 EN Webkomponenten konfigurieren 1


Enter the name of the 8MAN server. If executing both web components and the 8MAN server on the same machine, no changes to the server name are required.


Enter the port of the 8MAN server. By default the 8MAN server communicates through port "55555".

If you require any changes to this port, please contact our support.

7.5 EN Webkomponenten konfigurieren 2


1.Enter a port for the binding of the certificate to the website. The standard https port is 443. If you enter any other port you must consider this when starting the 8MAN website (providing the URL to users).

2.Select a certificate. If no certificate is offered, please reference the following chapters:  "Use a self-signed certificate" and "Bind a certificate to your site".

3.You can reload the list of available certificates by clicking on "Refresh".

4.Deploy web components.

7.5 EN Webkomponenten konfigurieren 3


The web components will be available once all settings for "Application Pool" and "Web Site" are shown as operational.