What are the main differences between Visor, Visor DO and Enterprise?

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What are the main differences between Visor, Visor DO and Enterprise?




The two basic versions 8MAN Visor and Visor DO have been developed for our customers who use our first two disciplines: Permission Analysis and Documentation & Reporting. With these packages, 8MAN functions as a pure analysis and audit tool. You can analyze the authorization situation in the company network across resources and create reports about it. For more in-depth security analyses, that is, complete process transparency, you can add security monitoring.


8MAN Enterprise additionally includes the disciplines User Provisioning and Role & Process Optimization. This allows you to make and administer changes to the system. You have the option of creating additional user accounts in a standardized manner, correcting incorrect authorizations and controlling account management via the 8MAN. The user provisioning processes can be transferred from the administrator to the data owner and / or the help desk.


If you integrate further technologies via 8MATES, you as a Visor and Visor DO customer can also only use the first two disciplines (Permission Analysis and Documentation & Reporting). With an enterprise license, SharePoint and Exchange can be administered.