Determine permissions deviating from the department profile (compliance check) (web client)

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Determine permissions deviating from the department profile (compliance check) (web client)

Background / Value

8MAN sets new standards in the field of user provisioning: With the introduction of department profiles, department heads, together with the management and the compliance officer, define the scope of action of employees in the company.


If the employee receives additional permissions that deviate from the standard, a compliance monitor displays the deviating rights to a manager. In the form of bulk operations, the manager can harmonize the user accounts according to the profiles in his department.


To be able to use the compliance functions, you must have created at least one department profile.


Additional Services

Create a new department profile (Administrator)

Assign a department profile to users


Step by step process

A052-01 EN Compliance Check


1.Select Cockpit.

2.Click "Analyze and recertification".

3.Click on "User Accounts and Department Profiles".



A052-02 EN Compliance Check


1.Determine which domains are included in your analysis.

2.Choose a departmental profile or all ("without restriction").

3.Optional: Activate this option if you also want to list users with no assigned department profile.



A052-03 EN Compliance Check


1.8MAN shows you which user accounts are non-compliant.

2.User accounts are compliant when exceptions have been accepted by a controller.

3.User accounts are non-compliant if there are "unaccepted deviations".