Disable a user via GrantMA

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Disable a user via GrantMA

Background / Value

Ordering a new user on the GrantMA Self-Service Portal is natively supported by 8MAN. Disabling a user after the order workflow has been completed becomes possible through the use of scripts. The combination GrantMA - Scripts - 8MAN webAPI opens up a multitude of further possibilities to automate documented processes.


An example is the option described below of ordering the deactivation of a user:


1.Define an open template and ask for required values in a request in GrantMA.

2.After approval, the values are passed to a script.

3.The script controls 8MAN via the webAPI to perform the required action in 8MAN.

4.8MAN executes the action and logs it in the 8MAN logbook.


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Step by step process

GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 01




In the directory




8MAN provides a sample template for disabling users.


Copy the sample file, remove the suffix ".example" and make adjustments as needed. For more information, see the "Customizing Templates" manual.


The template will be loaded automatically. Errors while loading the template are displayed in the server health check.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 02


In the directory




8MAN provides a sample script for disabling users.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 03 EN


On the start page of the 8MAN configuration select "Scripts".

1.Click on the tab "Order templates".

2.Choose "Template".

3.Select the script, in this example here "DeactivateAccount.ps1".



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 04 EN


Specify which parameters are passed to the script.

In the example here, the authentication token and the comment are passed.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 05


In addition, the values queried in the template are passed to the script:

The name of the account to be deactivated

The date on which the account should be deactivated




GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 06


Enter the name of the script. The name must match the call in the template.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 06a EN


In the Data Owner configuration you set the template to requestable.

1.Use Drag & Drop to order the template in an organization category.

2.The template must be requestable (default) and modifiable.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 07 EN


Start the request in GrantMA.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 08


The freely configurable template queries the values that will later be passed as parameters to the script. In the example here:

The account to be deactivated.

The date on which the account should be deactivated.


After completing and approving the order as usual, the script will be executed automatically.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 09 EN


In the task overview, you can see details about job execution. Successful job execution here means that the script started successfully.



GrantMA Benutzer deaktiviern 10 EN


For information about the script execution, see the 8MAN Log.

To diagnose script execution errors, use the linked log file.