Monitor tasks triggered by the web client

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Monitor tasks triggered by the web client

Background / Value

In the web client, you can perform a wide variety of tasks in the access rights management everyday life. The execution time varies according to complexity and scope. With the task overview you have in view:

which tasks have been completed successfully

which tasks are still running

which tasks ended with errors


Related services

8MAN jobs overview (rich client)


Step by step process

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Choose "Analysis" in the cockpit.

Click on "Task overview".



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1.Set a period.

2.8MAN shows you the selected period.

3.Define the maximum number of results to be displayed. A high number of lines demands high storage and computing power from the browser.

4.Start the scenario.



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1.You see a list of all tasks for the selected period.

2.Display details about the selected tasks.

3.Cancel running tasks.