Templates: Object Search (rich client)

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Templates: Object Search (rich client)

To create templates, we add another input option for use in the rich client. This allows you to search for objects, e.g. accounts, resources, etc.

You define what is searched for with the property ObjectType. At the current development level, only the value Account is supported.

Filters specifies that in the technology category (for example ActiveDirectory) only results corresponding to the specified expression are to be returned (in the example only activated users).




  "Key": "OwnerSearch",

  "Value": {

    "Type": "SearchField",

    "IsEnabled": "true",

    "Label": "['en-us:Owner', 'de-de:Besitzer']",

    "ObjectType": "Account",

    "Filters": {

      "ActiveDirectory": "PropertyValues('ObjectClass')->Value='user' AND (Status & 2) = 2"