Templates: Creating multilingual templates

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Templates: Creating multilingual templates

Previously, templates could only be written in one language, e.g. "Neuen Benutzer Marketing anlegen (DE)" or "Create New Marketing User (EN)". From now on, templates can be created in several languages. This eliminates the need to create a template for each language. You can reduce the number of templates.


The language selected for the 8MAN login is used for the display. If there is no entry for the selected language, the first language is used.




  "Key": "Name",

  "Value": {

    "Type": "TextField",

    "DefaultValue": "",

    "IsRequired": "true",

    "Label": "['en-us:name', 'de-de:Name', 'fr-fr:Nom']"




You will find further examples in the sample templates supplied with the setup (.example):