Templates: Ensure uniqueness of input

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Templates: Ensure uniqueness of input

In the rich client, 8MAN ensures that the user login name is unique when creating the user. If a duplicate would result from the input of first name and surname, 8MAN would display a warning and the input cannot be saved.


The uniqueness check can now also be used in the Web client for all inputs based on templates.


Examples of use cases are:

SAM account name


employee ID





        "Name": "employeeID",

        "Definition": {

          "Type": "TextField",

          "Constraints": {

            "ValidationRule": "[0-9]{5}",

            "ValidationInformation": "Must be a 5-digit number.",

            "UniquenessConstraint": "properties/ldap/uniqueness"


          "Label": "Employee ID",

          "Description": "Employee ID (5 digits), if known."




The check is currently still limited to AD objects. Therefore, the value for UniquenessConstraint must always be properties/ldap/uniqueness.