Order script-based services

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Order script-based services

Background / Value

In addition to ordering user accounts, authorizations, directories or freely definable objects (OpenOrder), other script-based services can now be ordered via the web client.


The IT defines a service that can be executed via a script. The service gets a meaningful name (for example, "order a project structure on the fileserver"). The employee orders the service in the GrantMA and enters the basic data via a template. After the individually configurable approval workflow, the script is started automatically.


Additional Services

Configure a script-based service for requesting (Administrator)


Step by step process

EN manager login


The following example , a user requests a project folder structure.

Log in as a requester in the web client.



EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 01


Select the organizational category that contains the service. In the example here "Open Order".

EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 02


Select the service "Create project folder" and click on "Request".



EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 03


Enter the parameters for the script. In the example:

1.Assign a name to the project folder.

2.Choose a department. In the example, the "parent folder" under which the project structure is created.

3.Click on "Add to cart".



EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 04


Complete the order:

1.Click on "Shopping cart".

2.Enter a comment.

3.Click on "Apply".



D017-02 EN Eine Anfrage im Self Service Portal bearbeiten


In the example chosen here, the request must be approved by Sam Sales.

Log in as approver.

Click "Waiting for Approval."



EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 06


1.Expand the previously created request.

2.Activate the checkbox.

3.Click "Approve".



EN skriptbasierten Service bestellen 07


The folder structure is generated by script "outside" of 8MAN. In order for the new folders to be visible, the corresponding directory must be rescanned.