Create SharePoint groups

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Create SharePoint groups

Background / Value

SharePoint groups can exist separately from Active Directory on a SharePoint server. Use the SharePoint Remote Connector to easily create new SharePoint groups.


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Step by step process

E071-01 EN SharePoint Gruppen anlegen


Select "Create a new user account or group" on the start page.




E071-02 EN SharePoint Gruppen anlegen


Select the template for the desired SharePoint resource.



E071-03 EN SharePoint Gruppen anlegen


1.Specify a name for the new group.

2.Optional: Enter a description.

3.Select the site collection to which the group is assigned.

4.Use the search to specify an owner.



E071-04 EN SharePoint Gruppen anlegen


1.Select who can see the members of the group.

2.Select who can edit the group memberships.



E071-05 EN SharePoint Gruppen anlegen


1.Determine how membership requests are handled.

2.Specify credentials that have the permissions to create the new group on SharePoint.

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4.Start the execution.