Risk Assessment Dashboard - central overview of risks

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Risk Assessment Dashboard - central overview of risks

Background / Value

Incorrect permissions and settings cause security risks. The new risk assessment dashboard visualizes the top risk factors with the highest impact on security. Start with an overall rating. Create a risk assessment report with one click. Drill down into deeper analyzes with one more click.


8MAN displays the following risk factors:

inactive accounts

groups in recursion

accounts with never expiring passwords

globally accessible directories

directories with unresolved SIDs

directories with direct permissions

directories with differing access rights


Additional Services

You can start a lot of analyzes, reports and actions from the risk assessment dashboard. The following table faces the web client services to similar rich client services.


8MAN Visor Editionen

Rich Client

Web Client (Analyze & Act)

Report: inactive accounts

identifying groups in recursion

Report: identifying users with never expiring passwords

Report: identifying direct permissions

Report: identifying unresolved SIDs

Report: everyone permissions

Report: authenticated users permissions

Identifying inactive accounts

Identifying groups in recursion

Identifying users with never expiring passwords

Identifying globally accessible directories

Identifying unresolved SIDs

Identifying direct permissions

Identifying directories with differing permissions

8MAN Enterprise

Rich Client

Web Client (Analyze & Act)

Resetting passwords

Removing a user and his permissions

Modifying users and groups attributes

Unlocking an user

Deactivating an user

Changing password options of an user

Modifying group memberships

Resetting passwords in bulk

Changing password options in bulk

Deactivating accounts in bulk

Deleting accounts in bulk (soft delete)

Removing group memberships in bulk

Removing direct permissions in bulk

Removing permissions from globally accessible directories in bulk

Modifying attributes in bulk

Removing unresolved SIDs in bulk

Removing differing permissions in bulk

Executing scripts on user accounts in bulk

Executing scripts on directories in bulk



Step by step process

8.0 EN RAD Risisken zentral überblicken 01


1.After login 8MAN shows the homepage.

2.In the "Risk Management" area you see an overall risk level rating.
The higher the number the higher the risk level.
Click the tile.

8.0 EN RAD Risisken zentral überblicken 02


1.8MAN shows an overall rating.

2.The print view offers an overview of all risk factors including explanations. Create a comprehensive risk assessment report with on click.

3.8MAN shows all risk factors with related ratings.

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1.Get more details and explanations of the risk factor.

2.Recalculate the risk factor. This may take some time.

3.Start the scenario.