Configure Recertifications

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Configure Recertifications


7.5 EN Rezertifizierung aktivieren


1.Login with 8MAN administrator credentials and select "Recertification".

2.Select a start date. Recertification is active from this date on.

3.Select an end date. Recertification is deactivated from this date on. There is no other option to deactivate the recertification. All Data Owners with open recertification requests will be informed by email.


These settings are valid globally for all Data Owners.


Which resources need to be certified is specified in the DataOwner configuration.


Deadlines and Intervals

7.5 EN Rezertifizierung Fristen und Intervall


1.Login with 8MAN Administrator credentials and select "Recertification".

2.Determine how much time Data Owners are given to complete recertifications.

3.Determine the frequency of the recertification process.

These settings are valid globally for all Data Owners.


Activate Recertifications in the Data Owner Configuration

Rezert6_DO Konfig_EN


To make resources appear in the Data Owner recertification process, you must mark them as editable and activate the recertification.


Select a resource and use the flyout menu bar to activate the recertification.