Report on 8MAN Access Rights Management activities (Logbook report)

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Report on 8MAN Access Rights Management activities (Logbook report)

Background / Value

All changes made with 8MAN Enterprise are automatically recorded in the log book. This ensures compliance with a number of legal and best-practice standards and saves the time of manual documentation. The log book report allows you to capture events by person or event type within any desired time period. This ensures fully transparent processes and documentation.


If your license agreement includes 8MAN Visor as well as 8MATE AD Logga, AD events will be recorded in the log book.


Additional Services

The security monitoring features expands documentation to include any administrative actions performed outside of 8MAN.


Step by step process

B001-01 EN Ressourcenübergreifend die Eventhistorie nachvollziehen


Select "Logbook".

B033-02 EN Logbuch Report


1.Click on "Report".

2.Select "8MAN log book report".

B033-03 EN Logbuch Report


1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Select the desired time-period for the report.

3.Define the range of the report.

4.Define the desired report settings.

5.Start the report.