Identify mailbox permissions

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Identify mailbox permissions

Background / Value

8MAN generates a variety of reports that shows Mailbox access rights. These include:


Mailbox directories and their access rights

Properties (Mailbox size)

Deputies for Mailboxes

Out of Office notices


Mailboxes and their directories require a high degree of security. However, in practice they often contain excessive access rights. It is extremely important to maintain an overview of these rights as folders often contain sensitive Emails.


Additional Services

"Send As" access rights are shown in the report "Who has access to what?".

Step by step process

B029-01 EN Postfachberechtigungen identifizieren

1.Select "Start".

2.Click on "Exchange Mailbox permissions".

B029-02 EN Postfachberechtigungen identifizieren

1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Define the range of the report.

3.Define the desired report settings.

4.Start the report.