Manage distribution group memberships

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Manage distribution group memberships

Background / Value

8MAN allows you to manage the members of distribution groups. This includes the addition and removal of recipients as well as the nesting within other groups (parent child relationships). The process is automatically documented.


Step by Step process

A042-01 Berechtigungen auf Verteilergruppen anzeigen EN


Use the search field to find the desired distribution group.

E033-02 Verteilergruppen Mitgliedschaften bearbeiten EN


1.You are focusing on the desired group.

2.Right-click on the group and select "Change group memberships".

E033-03 Verteilergruppen Mitgliedschaften bearbeiten EN


1.Find an account.

2.Use drag & drop to move the account to a column, to assign a group membership.

3.You can remove memberships with the "Remove" button.

4.You must enter a comment, for example a ticket number.

5.Click on "Immediately".