Manage my employees (cockpit)

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Manage my employees (cockpit)

Background / Value

With 8MAN you can quickly and easily manage your assigned employees. Actions are documented for the revision.


Employees are users which attribute "Manager" in Active Directory is assigned to you. Ask your administrator.


Additional Services

Overview of all cockpit services


Step by step process

E062-01 EN Meine Mitarbeiter verwalten


Click on "My employees" in the cockpit.

The button shows you how many employees are assigned to you.


The range of available services (buttons) varies according to role (login), risk assessment and configuration.



E062-02 EN Meine Mitarbeiter verwalten


1.Select employees.

2.Adjust which columns are displayed.

3.Export the list to Excel or PDF.

4.Perform actions on the selected employee accounts.