Manage my requests (cockpit)

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Manage my requests (cockpit)

Background / Value

Keep track of your orders. Cancel orders or resend notifications to the approver.


Additional Services

Overview of all cockpit services


Step by step process

D029-01 EN Meine Bestellungen verwalten Cockpit


1.Select Cockpit.

2.Click "My Requests". In the example, Sam Sales has "3" requests.


The range of available services (buttons) varies according to role (login), risk assessment and configuration.

D029-02 EN Meine Bestellungen verwalten Cockpit


1.Filter your requests to quickly find the right one in case of many entries.

2.Expand the desired order.

D029-03 EN Meine Bestellungen verwalten Cockpit


1.8MAN shows you details about the request.

2.See more details about the request.

3.Resend a notification email to the approver.

4.Cancel your request.