Monitor password resets

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Monitor password resets

Background / Value

With the 8MATE AD Logga you can monitor the process of resetting passwords. Within this process there is an inherent security risk. For example, if a helpdesk employee secretly resets the password of a manager or executive, they can sign on with a temporary password and gain access to sensitive information. The Manager would probably not notice this and only be confused about why his password is no longer valid, perhaps even thinking that he forgot his password, and then simply request a new one from support.


Additional Services

Analyze AD Logga events with the logbook

Set alerts for groups

Set alerts for user accounts


Step by step process

C001-01 Änderungen im Active Directory überwachen


1.Select "Start".

2.Click on "AD Logga Report".



C004-02 Kennwortzurücksetzungen überwachen


1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Define the range of the report. For the event type select "reset password".  

3.Define the desired report settings.

4.Start the report.

C004-03 Kennwortzurücksetzungen überwachen


Open the report in Excel. On the tab "events" you can see a list of all passwords that have been reset.