Perform a new installation

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Perform a new installation

In order to install 8MAN all system requirements must be fulfilled.


1.Copy 8MAN setup.exe into a local folder (do not use a network folder).

2.To start the installation, run the file with administrator rights.

The setup language is automatically selected to match the language of the operating system for the following languages: German, English, French. Otherwise English is used.


8.0 EN completing a new installation 01


1.To run a new 8MAN server installation you must at least select the 8MAN services "server" and "collector" as well as both graphical user interfaces.
You are not able to activate the FS Logga option here. 8MAN server and FS Logga Windows file server driver can not be run on the same server. Please refer to chapter: Installing the Filter Driver for the FS Logga on Windows File Servers.

2.Activate this option to install web components required for any 8MAN web functionality and the web API. Disable this option to install web components to a different (web-) server.

7.5 EN setup abschließen


After a successful installation the following dialogue will be shown.

The displayed options depend on the previously selected installation range.