Find inactive accounts (users or computers)

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Find inactive accounts (users or computers)

Background / Value

Inactive accounts can be used for data theft and manipulation without being detected. Since most inactive accounts are remnants of past employees, they are often a symptom of a communication problem between HR and IT. 8MAN displays all inactive accounts in Active Directory. You can delete or deactivate old and redundant accounts.


Additional Services

Delete a user and his permissions

"Soft" delete a user account

Deactivate a user account

Identify inactive accounts  (web client)

Deactivate user accounts in bulk (web client)


Step by step process

B030-01 EN Inaktive Konten finden


1.Select "Dashboard".

2.Click on "Inactive accounts".

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1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Define the range of the report.

3.Define the desired report settings.

4.Start the report.

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Review the data in the report. If using historical scan data there may be differences in the days since the last login.