Manage group memberships

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Manage group memberships

Background / Value

8MAN allows you to manage group memberships quickly and easily. You can also see which group(s) the group is a member of.


Additional Services

Remove group memberships in bulk (web client)


Step by step process

E003-01 EN Gruppenmitgliedschaften bearbeiten


1.Select "Accounts".

2.Use the search field to find the desired account.

3.Right-click on the account and select "Change group memberships" in the context menu.

Alternatively you can also select "Edit group memberships" on the 8MAN home page.

E003-02 EN Gruppenmitgliedschaften bearbeiten


1.Use the search field to find the desired user or group.

2.Use drag & drop to move users and groups into the right column to add new group members (children).

3.Use drag & drop to move a group to the middle column. This creates a new group membership (parent).

E003-03 EN Gruppenmitgliedschaften bearbeiten


Right-click and use the context menu to remove memberships (parents and children) immediately or on a designated date.

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