Create groups and add users

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Create groups and add users

Background / Value

8MAN allows you to create standardized groups quickly and easily. Each process is automatically documented.


Additional Services

Manage group memberships


Step by step process

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1.Select "Start".

2.Click on "Add a new user account or group".

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8MAN offers 4 standard templates. You can generate as many of your own templates as you wish. We recommend using adapted templates as a foundation as this simplifies, standardizes and speeds up the process.

1.   Select a group template.

2.   Click on "Select".

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1.Enter the required information.

2.Change the OU if desired.

3.Add additional LDAP attributes.

4.Determine the group scope.

5.Determine the group type.

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1.You can designate users while creating the group.

2.Determine the login information for creating the new group in AD.

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1.You must enter a comment.


Sensitive administrative actions should always contain an explanation why the account is being created and/or what it is for. We recommend adding a ticket number and information who requested the account creation.


2.Complete the action immediately or later, or save it as a job.