GrantMA settings

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GrantMA settings

8.0 EN GrantMA settings 01


Log into the web client as an 8MAN administrator.

1.Click the gear.

2.Select GrantMA.

3.Specify the administrator's email address for GrantMA. 8MAN sends emails if errors occur in the order process (not for Recertification and Analyze & Act).

8.0 EN GrantMA settings 02


1.Define the maximum number of lines to be displayed in the scenarios. A high number of lines can lead to performance problems (see Browser Recommendations).

2.Specify the number of days of unfinished jobs by Data Owners being marked as expired. Administrators see these requests as expired in the order summary. No emails will be sent.

3.Option enabled:
The requester receives an email when the status of his order changes.

4.Option enabled:
The applicant receives additional emails at each approval step.

8.0 EN GrantMA settings 03


1.Option enabled:
The approver will receive an email for a new request. We recommend that you enable this option.

2.Option enabled:
Requesters can navigate into hierarchical resources, e.g. subdirectories.

3.Option enabled:
Approvers can modify a request.

4.If necessary, enable the legacy mode.

8.0 EN GrantMA settings 04


1.Define a blacklist for which directories are hidden for orders. Use UNC paths.

2.Define a directory depth up to which users can order.

3.Enable ordering new directories.

4.Save your settings.