Configure FS scans

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Configure FS scans

8.0 EN config FS scan 01


Edit the name of the FS scan configuration.

8.0 EN config FS scan 02


Schedule the FS scan by clicking on the clock icon or the link in the text. You can also deactivate the scheduling functionality.

8.0 EN config FS scan 03


You can change the file server for which this scan configuration is valid.

8.0 EN config FS scan 04


You can configure the number of parallel requests. The more parallel requests the faster the scan and the higher the CPU load.
Possible values are 1 (no parallel requests) to 128.

Chose the appropriate option for file server type.

8MAN detects Windows/DFS file server types automatically. For NetApp and EMC, you must set the correct type for optimal performance.

8.0 EN config FS scan 05


Determine which credentials are used to perform the FS scan.

Please reference the following section for additional information: Service accounts.

8.0 EN config FS scan 06


Determine which collectors are used to perform the scan.

If you have configured multiple collectors, 8MAN will automatically determine which collector to use based upon CPU load and RAM usage.

8.0 EN config FS scan 07


Determine the shares that will be scanned.

Please reference the following section: Selecting and labeling shares.

8.0 EN config FS scan 08


Determine the scan depth.

To save data base storage, you can specify from which depth only paths with changed permissions will be stored.