Import FS scan configurations

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Import FS scan configurations

8.0 EN importing FS scan config 01


Click on "File server CSV import" to import a file server configuration file.

We recommend using the CSV import functionality to manage a large number of FS scan configurations and add these to 8MAN with just a few clicks.

8.0 EN importing FS scan config 02


The CSV file must contain, at minimum, the following columns:


"Approval" or "share" optional columns

"Collector" or "kollektor"

additional descriptions

Please chose tab or semi-colon as a delimiter

If the column "collector" is not created, then the collector defined in the import dialog will be used for all scans.

The following descriptions may not be used:

"Bemerkung" or "Description"

"Präfix" or "Prefix" as well as "8ManUser"

8.0 EN importing FS scan config 03


Determine the import settings:

which collector(s) perform(s) scans (only required if not included in the CSV file)

at what time the scans are performed

how many parallel requests are performed

file server type

if previously entered scan configurations should be deleted



The settings in the import dialog are valid for all approvals.