Add FS scans

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Add FS scans

8.0 EN adding FS scans 01


Click on file server to add an FS scan.

8.0 EN adding FS scans 02


Select the desired file server and a collector for the FS scan.

By default the 8MAN server basic configuration credentials will be used.

The list of computers is scanned from AD.

8.0 EN adding FS scans 03


If the desired file server is not shown please check the following:

1.Are the credentials for the desired domain valid? Correct the entered information if necessary.

2.If the requirements for scanning in foreign (non-trusted) domains are adhered to:
Scanning file servers in foreign (non-trusted) domains

You can also enter a (not listed) name into the filter / search field.


If the scan configuration is invalid you will see an error message at the start of the scan. This will also be recorded in a Logfile.