Retrieve log files

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Retrieve log files

8MAN saves all log files in the following folder:




All events are saved centrally on the 8MAN-server, including events from remote collectors.

Log files either grow to a size of 50MB or 7 days. When restarting the 8MAN service a new log file is started. 8MAN saves a maximum of 20 log files per type.


8.0 EN retrieving event logs 01


The current version does not have a time stamp in the file name.

Current log files may be shown with a 0KB size in Windows Explorer, even if they contain data.

Please zip the files before sending them to support.

8.0 EN retrieving event logs 02


The following event types are entered into the Windows event log:  "Error", "Warning" and "Information". 8MAN creates its own node under "Application and Service Logs".