Add entries to the blacklist

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Add entries to the blacklist

8.0 EN adding entries to the blacklist 01


1.You can determine which domain is searched based upon the login credentials. By default the credentials from the basic configuration are used.

2.When searching for users and groups a "live-request" is sent to the Active Directory. This search works independently of existing AD scans. The search only works in licensed domains.

Available search options:

If no domain is entered into the search field, the domain is selected based upon the credentials.

If a domain is entered (for example: „domain2\another.user"), 8MAN will search that domain (domain2)

If you enter a "\" before the user name, 8MAN searches all licensed domains.

8.0 EN adding entries to the blacklist 02


To add a user or group to the blacklist you can:


Use drag&drop

Right-click on the object and select from the context menu

Use the green plus icon