Add an Exchange scan

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Add an Exchange scan

8.0 EN adding exchange scans 01


Select "Exchange".

8.0 EN adding exchange scans 02


1.Enter the account information for the account that should be used to execute the Exchange scan. The credentials from the basic configuration will be suggested automatically.

2.Select the Exchange Server. All DAGs* or servers that are contained in the current Active Directory site will be listed. Enter the desired server into the search field (this is possible even when it is not listed).

3.Assign a collector.


Special considerations for Exchange Online:

1.The credentials displayed here are not relevant for Exchange Online. They must be adjusted later in the Scan configuration.

2.Exchange Online is always shown.

3.For Exchange Online the collector requires internet access.


* 8MAN can connect to DAG servers (Database Availability Groups) and execute scans on them. You are able to select the DAG server directly in the scan configuration. Please note that you have to adjust the settings described in the chapter "Preparing the PowerShell Website"  on every involved DAG Exchange server. The decision, which server the collector establishes a connection with is made by the DAG during the initial connection build up. This means that successive scans may take place on different servers.

Since IP less DAGs (from Exchange 2016 Default Setting, optional in Exchange 2013) do not have an Administrative Access Point (AAP), the Exchange server cannot be managed via this DAG. In this case, specify an Exchange server directly or use the load balancing namespace.