"Soft" delete a user

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"Soft" delete a user

Background / Value

When deleting a user with "soft delete" all of their access rights remain intact. The account is moved to a "Recycle-OU" and deactivated.  This account can no longer be used since the "Recycle-OU" is part of a strictly limited group policy.


Further Services

Set the "recycle-OU"


Step by step process

E012-01 EN Benutzerkonto soft delete


1.Use the search field to find the desired user.

2.Right-click on the user and select "soft delete account" from the context menu. You can do this in the accounts view.

E012-02 EN Benutzerkonto soft delete


1.You must enter a comment, for example "ticket number" or "authorized by".

2.Start the process.