Assign responsibilities to help desk employees

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Assign responsibilities to help desk employees

Background / Value

8MAN allows you to define very specific responsibilities to individual help desk employees. The following example shows a typical assignment of responsibilities.


These settings can be found in the 8MAN configuration module. You can find more detailed information in the Handbook for Installation and Configuration, chapter Managing 8MAN Users ff.


Step by step process

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1.Start the 8MAN configuration module.

2.Select "User Management".

3.Select a change role (columns 3-7). Change the name of the role by clicking on the pen icon. You can then activate or deactivate the individual views and functionalities of the role "Help Desk" as desired.

4.Use the search field to find the desired account.

5.Use drag & drop to move the account into the right-hand column.

6.Assign the role "Help Desk" to the account.