Create a new department profile (administrator)

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Create a new department profile (administrator)

Background / Value

8MAN sets new standards in the field of user provisioning: With the introduction of departmental profiles, department heads, together with the management and the compliance officer, define the scope of action of employees in the company.


Department profiles can contain attributes and group memberships.


Additional Services

Assign a department profile to users (Cockpit)

Determine permissions deviating from the department profile (compliance check)


Step by step process

9.0 EN Abteilungsprofil erstellen 02


Click on "Edit department profiles".

You must be logged in as 8MAN Administrator to see the gear icon.



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 02


Click on "Create new profile".



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 03


1.Give the department profile a name, at least 2 letters.

Describe the profile.



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 04


1.Click on "color".

2.Choose a color for the department profile.


The color is for recognition.



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 05


1.Click on "Attributes".

2.Use the search to find the desired attribute.

3.Enter the value of the attribute.

4.Use the plus symbols to add more attributes.



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 06


1.Click on "Groups".

2.Find the desired group.

3.Use the plus symbols to add more groups.



9.0 Abteilungsprofil erstellen 07


1.Click on "Review and save".

2.Click "Save" to create the department profile.