Identify direct permissions

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Identify direct permissions

Background / Value

Direct access rights should be avoided at all costs and be replaced by group access rights. Firstly, direct access rights are inefficient because every user has to be managed independently. Secondly, each directory needs to be examined individually to ensure the removal of all direct permissions. 8MAN shows you all direct permissions on your file server(s) in one simple report.


8MAN strictly adheres to Microsoft Best Practice and assigns a group for every access right.


Additional Services

Remove direct permissions (rich client)

Remove direct permissions in bulk (web client)


Step by step process

A016-01 EN Direktberechtigungen identifizieren


1.Select "Start".

2.Click on "All users with direct access".

A016-02 EN Direktberechtigungen identifizieren


1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Define the range of the report including the dates and times of comparison.

3.Define the desired report settings.

4.Start the report.

A016-03 EN Direktberechtigungen identifizieren


Open the report in Excel. 8MAN lists all directories with direct access rights.