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Remove direct permissions

Background / Value

Direct access rights should be avoided at all costs and replaced by group access rights. Firstly, direct access rights are inefficient because every user is managed independently. Secondly, each directory needs to be examined individually to ensure the removal of all direct access rights. 8MAN shows you all direct access rights on your file server(s). You can then use drag & drop to turn direct access rights into group access rights.


Additional Services

Remove direct permissions in bulk (web client)


8MATE Clean! allows you to automatically remove direct access rights and turn them into group memberships.

8MATE Clean! Handbook: Replacing direct permissions with group memberships

8MATE Clean! Handbook: Deleting direct access rights


Step by step process

E018-01 EN Direktberechtigungen entfernen


1.You have identified direct access rights.

2.Right-click on the affected directory.

3.Select "Modify access rights" from the context menu.

E018-02 EN Direktberechtigungen entfernen


Drag the user into the 8MAN group.

E018-03 EN Direktberechtigungen entfernen


1.The direct access right for "Tim Trainee" will be removed.

2.The group membership will be assigned.

3.Click on "Apply".

E018-04 EN Direktberechtigungen entfernen


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