Monitor access to sensitive data

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Monitor access to sensitive data

Background / Value

As a first step you have hopefully limited access rights to sensitive directories. As a second step we recommend the continuous monitoring of access by individual users, including the exact actions that they performed. This ensures full process transparency for especially sensitive data and information.

As of version 8.0, the FS Logga reports can be executed in a timed manner. In addition, we have installed additional filter options. In previous versions, filter functions could only be applied to the finished Excel report.


Additional services

Change directory access rights


Step by step process

C009-01 EN Die Zugriffe auf sensible Daten überwachen


1.Select "Start".

2.Click on "Who did what?".

C009-02 EN Die Zugriffe auf sensible Daten überwachen


1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Specify the period of time for logging events in the report.

3.Add resources. You can only add resources that are included in the FS Logga configuration.

4.Add recorded actions.

C009-03 EN Die Zugriffe auf sensible Daten überwachen


1.Add authors. Use filter and search to find the desired users.

2.Define the desired output settings:
- Format: PDF or XLS
- Scheduling of regular reports
- Saving location
- send via email

3.Start the report.