Take advantage of customized templates

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Take advantage of customized templates

8MAN provides a set of standard templates, for example for the creation of new users. Based on the template, 8MAN generates the input masks. Customize the templates according to your needs and standardize, simplify and accelerate the creation of objects. The most important advantages are described below:


Dropdown menus and lookups

Assign input fields with drop-down menus from which users can choose. Depending on the selection, additional fields can be filled automatically. They avoid errors, speed up the input, and have a standardized result.


For the location field, choose "Berlin", "Munich", "Vienna". Based on the selection, the fields "Street", "ZIP" and "City" are filled automatically.


Validation rules

Validate whether the value entered matches certain rules.


Minimum length for a password

Check the format of a telephone number


Group memberships

When creating a user, specify in which groups the new user becomes a member.


Required fields

Define which inputs must be mandatory (must not remain empty).


Set default values

Assign fields with default values - changeable or not changeable.


Creation rules

Determine how a resulting field is filled from already entered entries.


The login name and the email address are automatically generated from the first name and last name.


Hide input fields

If certain inputs are not required in your company or already filled with default values, you can hide individual input fields or entire areas to reduce the complexity of the input masks.