Configure the event filters

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Configure the event filters

8.0 EN configuring event filters 01


Click on the link "Following filters".

8.0 EN configuring event filters 02


1.Filter events related to specific users.

2.Use the filter to find the desired user. You can search for either display name or CommonName.

3.Select the desired user and move him with drag&drop into the right hand column.

8.0 EN configuring event filters 03


1.You can filter groups as event authors. Activate the option.

2.The filter level is shown. By moving groups into the right hand column with drag & drop, all events of users who are direct or indirect members of that group are filtered and excluded.

3.Click on "additional configuration".

8.0 EN configuring event filters 04


Determine which mode is used by the filter to update group memberships.

Please note the information in the displayed dialog.

Only use "event-based" if memberships in the filtered groups change rarely.

The update interval for the "time-based" option can be set anywhere between 10 and 1440 min (24h). The shorter the interval, the higher the load on your AD.

8.0 EN configuring event filters 05


Filter events for selected or all computer accounts.

8.0 EN configuring event filters 06


1.Filter the events of specific object classes.

2.By default events relating to the two selected object classes will be filtered.

3.The initial loading (and a rescan) of object classes from AD may take some time. After that the object classes will be loaded from the data base.

8.0 EN configuring event filters 07


Filter events related to specific attributes.


For example:

All events related to attributes that include "ms-exch" are filtered out / excluded.

8.0 EN configuring event filters 08


You must enter a comment to apply any changes made to filter settings.