Adjust the throttling factor

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Adjust the throttling factor

The Exchange Web-Service is used for the recalling of delegations. The scan orients itself bsed on the throttling settings of the Exchange server for the scan account (service account).

The scan can be accelerated with an optimal throttling setting. Please also see:


The setting „EWSMaxConcurrency" is important. It affects the number of parallel requests used by the scan to recall delegation rules.

By default 8MAN uses the  maximum number of possible parallel requests allowed by the throttling policy. If the throttling policy allows for an unlimited number of parallel requests, then the number of processors is multiplied by 8. You are able to change this value.


Configuration file:




Kollektor-Server, der für den Exchange-Scan konfiguriert ist.






in the section <config>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 








Possible values:

Replace the value "8" with your desired number. The entered number will be multiplied with the number of processors and its product indicates the number of parallel requests to the Exchange Web Service.