Data Owner configuration and GrantMA

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Data Owner configuration and GrantMA

7.5 Data Owner Konfiguration mit GrantMA


If your license includes 8MATE GrantMA you can see additional options in the Data Owner configuration.

7.5 Data Owner Arbeitsablauf zuweisen


Assign a workflow for an organizational category. This way, you can determine which  approval steps are required.


Workflows are created in the 8MATE Grant MA web interface. See chapter: "Define individual approval workflows".

7.5 Data Owner Antragsteller zuweisen


When using 8MATE GrantMA, there is in additional user role: "Requester".


Select a user or group from the account selection area. Add your selection to the "Requester" section via drag & drop.


7.5 Data Owner Konfiguration Zugriff bestellbar zuweisen


Mark the resources as available, so that they can be shown in the 8MATE GrantMA web interface.