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Use constraints to define:

Conditions that must be fulfilled when entering the data

Creation rules


The specification of constraints is optional.


If you define constraints for LDAP attributes, 8MAN checks whether the Active Directory also uses constraints for the attribute.If so, the stricter condition is applied. 8MAN shows in the health check which conditions are used.



Available constraints (all optional)

"MaxLength": maximum length. Default: -1 (unlimited).

"ForbiddenChars": Specifies which characters can not be used. Default: [] (empty list).

"ValidationRule": Regular Expression. Conditions that the entered text must meet.

"ValidationInformation": Tooltiptext, der bei Verletzung der Constraints angezeigt wird.

"UniquenessConstraint": "properties/ldap/uniqueness" Ensures the uniqueness of the input for AD attributes (prevents duplicates).

"CreationRule": A creation rule that automatically calculates and uses the value for the field. Only allowed if DefaultValue is not set.


Additional validity checks and visibility controls are available for Open Order Templates.



"Constraints": {

  "MaxLength": 20

  "ForbiddenChars": ["ö","ä","ü","ß"],

  "ValidationRule": "(?=.*[A-Z])",


    "Use a maximum of 20 characters, no umlauts and at least one uppercase letter."

  "CreationRule": "<toLowerCase>(<firstLetter>({givenname}).{sn})",