Identify corrupted inheritance

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Identify corrupted inheritance

Background / Value

Broken ACLs (Access Control Lists) interfere with the NTFS inheritance on the fileserver. The consequences: The subdirectory does not get the correctly inherited permissions, even though the inheritance is enabled.

8MAN shows you broken ACLs in a report.


Additional Services

Remove corrupted inheritance


Step by step process

A019-01 EN Broken ACLs identifizieren


1.Select "Resources".

2.Select the desired file server.

3.Click on "Report".

4.Select "report on all sub-directories with different access rights".

A019-02 EN Broken ACLs identifizieren


1.You can name the report and add a comment.

2.You can change the range of the report.

3.Start the report creation.

A019-03 EN Broken ACLs identifizieren


Open the .XLS file with Excel.

1.Select the tab of the selected resource

2.Select the third line and add a filter.

A019-05 EN Broken ACLs identifizieren


1.Activate the column "inheritance corrupted" by selecting "yes".

2.The results show the directories with defective ACLs.