Manage distribution group permissions

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Manage distribution group permissions

Background / Value

8MAN allows you to change who can send emails from which distribution groups. As usual, this is automatically documented. The most relevant cases are "Send as" and "Send on behalf". The former is especially sensitive since it is not clearly indicated who actually sent the Email. With "Send on behalf" on the other hand the "deputy" sender is clearly visible.


Step by step process

A042-01 Berechtigungen auf Verteilergruppen anzeigen EN


Use the search field to find the desired mailing list.

E032-01a Berechtigungen auf Verteilergruppen bearbeiten EN


1.Find the desired distribution group.

2.Right-click on the group and select "Modify access rights" from the context menu.

E032-02 Berechtigungen auf Verteilergruppen bearbeiten EN


1.Use the search function to find the account.

2.Use drag & drop to assign the desired permission.

3.Select an entry and use the context menu to remove a permission.

4.Click on "Apply".

E032-03 Berechtigungen auf Verteilergruppen bearbeiten EN


1.Enter a comment .

2.Start the access rights change.