Users and groups report

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Users and groups report

Background / Value

The user and group report shows all users and groups in AD and some of their properties and attributes.


User accounts

Two key factors shown in this view are the Kerberos token and last logon timestamp. The latter shows you the last login of the AD accounts on your network, across all domain controllers.

The size of the Kerberos token is an expression of the number of group memberships. Many group memberships indicate the possibility of excessive and / or redundant access rights. If the maximum size of 64KB is exceeded, it is no longer possible for the user to log into the network.


In addition the following information is also displayed:

Account expiry date

Password expires yes/no

Admin account yes/no



Displays direct and indirect group memberships as well as group scope (local, global, universal)


Step by step process

B007-01 EN Benutzer und Gruppen Report


1.Select "Dashboard".

2.Click on "Users and groups".

B007-02 EN Benutzer und Gruppen Report


1.Enter a title for the report and add a comment.

2.Define the range of the report.

3.Define the desired report settings.

4.Start the report.

B007-03 EN Benutzer und Gruppen Report


Open the report in Excel and apply the desired filters.