Add 8MAN users

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Add 8MAN users

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Use the link to switch between user and role management (arrow).


8MAN triggers a live request from your AD when adding an 8MAN User. It is therefore not required to perform an AD scan prior to adding a user.


Available search options:

If no domain is entered into the search field, 8MAN scans the domain that the registered account is located in.

If a domain is entered (for example: "domain2\another.user"), then 8MAN will search that domain.

If a "\" is entered in front of the user name then 8MAN will search all licensed domains.



When designating a user with change role - such as a data owner - that user initially has access to all resources. If you want to limit their access further you must do this via the Data Owner configuration.



8.0 EN adding 8MAN users 02


Once you have found the desired user you can add him via drag&drop or by double-clicking.