Customize notification emails

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Customize notification emails

Manage the frequency of email notifications



During the recertification process, email notifications are sent frequently to data owners and 8MAN administrators.

The timeline diagram visualizes when emails are sent and whom they are sent to. Every email above the timeline (with an orange marking) can be deactivated. In this case please contact support.



Adjust content and style of the notification email

8MAN offers standard templates in XML stylesheet format. You can find them in the following directory:


%ProgramFiles%\Protected Networks\8MAN\etc\mails\Recertification 


In case you want to modify these templates, please copy the files (*.xslt und css.html) to:




The sub-directory "mails\recertification" must be created in advance.


Adjust the templates in "ProgramData". 8MAN primarily uses the modified templates in "ProgramData".


When updating to a newer 8MAN version the data in "ProgramFiles" will be overwritten.