Configure the display settings

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Configure the display settings

Eliminate the display of technical accounts


The recertification process has been designed to check the permissions of real users. Technical accounts (see the following list) are not displayed:


Creator Owner (S-1-3-0)

Creator-Group (S-1-3-1)

Creator-Owner-Server (S-1-3-2)

Creator group-Server (S-1-3-3)

All Services (S-1-5-80-0)

RDT (S-1-5-1)

Network (S-1-5-2)

Batch processing (S-1-5-3)

Interactive (S-1-5-4)

Domain controller (S-1-5-9)

Local System (S-1-5-18)

Local Service (S-1-5-19)

Network service  (S-1-5-20)


Please contact support if you require any modifications of this list.



Manage display settings for resolving group memberships

Recertifications adopt the settings of the blacklist for views and reports. Please see the chapter "Configure the Blacklist for Views & Reports".


By viewing accounts and groups without the technical ones Data Owners get a far better overview.