Set alerts for groups

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Set alerts for groups

Background / Value

Employees receive their access rights through group memberships. Especially sensitive groups grant access to secret folders and other important resources. 8MATE AD Logga allows you to actively monitor specific AD groups so that an alert is received if new members are added.


Due to the nested group structures in Active Directory it is important to monitor group memberships, that occur from new indirect memberships. For example: The group "secret data" is a member in the "C-Level" group which is being monitored. 8MATE AD Logga alerts will notify you even if members are only added to the "secret data" group since these users are also indirect members of the "C-Level" group.


Additional services

Set alerts for user accounts

Manage alerts


Step by step process

C005-01 EN Alarme für Gruppen anlegen


1.Find the desired group by entering its name into the search field.

2.Right click on the group and select "Create alert" from the context menu.

C005-02 EN Alarme für Gruppen anlegen


1.Name the alert and add a comment.

2.Activate the checkbox to include indirect group memberships in the alert functionality.

3.You can select any number of email recipients. Additionally alerts can be displayed in the windows event display.

4.You must enter a comment.

5.Create the alert.